Customer satisfaction survey: 94.5% satisfied with QRing

Today, thousands of valuable items are protected with a QRing QR tag. But how do the owners of those valuable items experience the product and the QRing service? In April 2022, we conducted a survey to find out more about QRing’s customer satisfaction. The results turned out very positive! 94.5% of QRing customers are (very) satisfied with their QRing item. This encourages us to continue with what we were doing. See all the results presented in the infographic below.


Good job! Keep up the good work.

Product satisfaction

The first section was about product satisfaction. Customers mainly indicate that the product is ‘easy to use’ and that it entails a feeling of safety. In addition, QRing is mainly used for keys, bags and luggage. The price-quality ratio is considered good to very good by the majority of customers.

Brand satisfaction

The brand itself is also positively assessed by customers. For example, 66.6% of customers would recommend QRing to family or friends. Positive qualities such as ‘value for money’, ‘service’, ‘delivery’ and easy to use are mentioned as the most important strengths.

Source: QRing Survey 2022