[Review] Find lost items with QR labels? (by Appletips.nl)

The QRing QR tags can be used to recover lost items in an anonymous and easy way. Appletips.nl wrote an extensive review about it.

Fully anonymous and yet always reachable with QR tags

Most items that we regularly lose do not contain contact details. So how should the finder of your (car-)keys, wallet or AirPods get in touch with you? QRing offers a cheap, safe and anonymous way to secure your valuables.

All tags have a QR code and NFC chip. The finder of the item can scan the tag with his/her mobile phone. The owner will then receive a notification in the QRing app and will be contacted. The finder does not need to download an app. Read more about how it works.

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The review: QRing scores 4.5/5 stars

“The QRing tags seem like a simple solution, the technology behind the QR-tags is a clever idea. The finder can scan the tag via de QR-code of NFC chip, after which the owner can be contacted with a few taps on the screen. In the first instance, the privacy of both parties is guaranteed.

The QRing app works well and is well organised. The VOIP calls are of high quality, of course this depends on your internet connection.

It is possible to use QRing without purchasing the tags, the QRing app can generate digital QR codes for free that work in the same way as the tags.

The QRing tags are available from € 8.99 (for a sticker set), keychains and luggage tags cost € 12.99. Various discount sets are available on the website, which means that the price per label is much lower.

For comparison, for an Apple AirTag you pay € 35.00 and then you have to purchase additional accessories to be able to attach it to something.

Of course, you always remain dependent on whether the finder wants to contact you. If the finder is a little curious and scans the tag, it will automatically be sent in the right direction to contact you.”

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The pros and cons

  • Good quality tags

  • Very easy for the finder to contact the owner

  • Fully anonymous

  • Free VOIP

  • Ability to generate QR codes for free

  • NFC chip can be felt in the stickers, so it is not completely flat

Read the full review on appletips.nl

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