[Review] Find your lost item back with QRing (by Androidworld)

QRing has a simple and effective solution to a well-known problem: losing our stuff. From keys to suitcase, and from wallets to pets, everything can be protected with a QRing tag. In this review, the editors of Androidworld write about their experience with QRing.

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Easily find your lost item back

More than 80% of people are willing to return a found item to its owner. Unfortunately, the contact details are often missing. The QRing solution can help with this. “The system works very simple. You lose your bag with everything in it while going out, maybe it’s still in the cloakroom, or you left it in the bus or taxi. There is a very good chance that someone will find it and luckily you have the QRing keychain attached to your bag.”

“The tags do not use battery. Almost every smartphone can scan a QR code or NFC chip, so it is an accessible way to get a lost item back. Especially because the finder does not have to download the app.”

qring androidworld

Suitable for all objects and surfaces

“The possibilities are endless with QRing. Every item can be protected with a QRing sticker, keychain or luggage tag. Even your wallet, telephone, suitcase, bicycle, but also your cat or dog.”

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The video is in Dutch.

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