QRing has many users all over the world! QRing facilitates the process between losing and finding your valuable items. Read how our customers experience QRing here:


With QRing luggage tags you get your luggage back safely!

Anne | annetravelfoodie.com

I recently discovered something very handy that makes it easier to get your luggage back: QRing. You attach the tag with QR code to your luggage and the finder can scan the QR code to contact you and return your luggage.

Anne | annetravelfoodie.com


I highly recommend this product to all travellers!

Eefje | travelaway.nl

As a true travel enthusiast, I think QRing is a great product. It is super easy to use. Simply attach it to your luggage or other valuables to increase findability. Through my travel blog travelaway I highly recommend this product to all travellers!

Eefje | travelaway.nl


Your future self is going to be very happy.

Kelly | Wat ik wou dat ik wist de Podcast

I have attached the QR-tag to my keys and think it is really handy product. I'm always afraid of losing my keys. If my keys get lost, no one would know they are mine because there is no contact information on them. With a QRing QR-tag the finder has a convenient way to get in touch with me. I also tested it by having my friend scan the code and it worked immediately! The QRing app is also very easy to use.

Kelly | watikwoudatikwist.nl & kellybatist.nl


QRing makes me feel safe.

Maaike | reisgelukjes.nl

My name is Maaike from the travel blog www.reisgelukjes.nl. You can read more about 3 types of topics on my travel blog: about traveling as a couple, preparing for a trip and camping with a campervan. I got to try QRing during a press trip to Spain. I was excited right away. The QRing app registers all you valuable items. Once you lose something, you will get a notification in the app. What I also find useful is that you can also switch bags, which I sometimes do. I don't know how well it works because luckily I didn't lose anything. But it did gives me a very safe idea.

Maaike | reisgelukjes.nl