QRing now available in Huawei AppGallery

Whatever mobile phone you use, QRing is there for everyone. Our app has been adapted so that it is available in every app store. Since July 2022 QRing is also in the Huawei AppGallery.

Huawei only app platform

Since the end of 2019, the Google Play Store services are no longer available on Huawei phones. For that reason, Huawei has been working on an alternative: the AppGallery. More and more apps are now available in the AppGallery. This version of the app store now has 580 million active users in 42 countries.

More and more apps develop a AppGallery version

In 2020, Tweakers reported that Huawei has 1.5 million active users in the Netherlands, 68 million in Europe and 600 million worldwide. Due to the recent launch of the platform, all these users are not yet able to download all the apps they want. Many organizations are therefore busy adapting their app so that it is suitable for Huawei.

Download QRing in the AppGallery

The QRing app has been available on the Huawei platform since July 2022. Of course you can still download the app in the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore:


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