QRing in the latest Bright video

Have you seen the latest Bright video? Then it may just be that you have seen QRing pass by!

What is Bright?

Bright is part of RTL (a Dutch media network) and is the largest tech channel in the Netherlands on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. At Bright they are always looking for game changers and eye-openers. They also post fun facts and the latest news from the tech industry on their channels. In addition to tech news, they test tech on their YouTube channel, give tips and make the Bright Podcast.

YouTube video about NFC technology

Bright regularly posts informative videos on specific topics. This time it was about NFC technology. Merijn shows in this video what NFC makes possible. In it he also mentions the QRing solution. Our QRing tags also contain NFC. Watch the YouTube video and see the part about QRing from +/- 3:30.

About QRing

As Bright explains: ‘QRing is a low-tech solution for the more advanced lost and found technologies. But the big advantage of QR codes and NFC chips are; they work on any smartphone!

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