Our mission

Our mission

QRing seeks to improve trust between people and so help to improve our social fabric!

Did you know that 84% of people are willing to return a found item to its owner? Unfortunately, only 7% succeed! Why? Because there is no accessible way to contact the owner:  a telephone is protected with a code, and key rings and backpacks often do not have a label with contact details. As a result, we lose millions of items every year. QRing offers a practical solution to this daily problem. Our technology enables you to provide all your valuable items with a unique QR code. Once your item get lost (even though we hope you never lose anything), the finder can easily contact you by scanning the QR-code. Try it and help us build trust in each other and society. Join team QRing!

  • Adults typically lose more than 4 items per month, which means about 600M items per year in NL alone!

  • For children and students, these numbers are significantly higher, up to 9 items per day!

  • Of these, more than 30% are lost outside your home.
  • On average, people spend 2.5 days a year looking for lost and found items.

QRing builds on trust and connects finder and owner seamlessly!

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Our goal

On average, we spend 10 minutes each day looking for missing items

  • The most lost items worldwide are: our keys, wallet, umbrella, passport and ID card.

  • The average person loses more than 3.000 items in their lifetime.

  • Only 7% of lost items find their way back to their owner.

With a QRing QR tag, your item is protected, your personal information is anonymous. With our tags we guarantee a nine times higher chance that your will find your lost item again. Help us increase this rate bij using QRing! QRing has worldwide coverage, is fully anonymous and is free!

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