Lost & Found: What we lose most often and where we lose it

While one person never loses anything, the other is looking for their keys, phone or bank card on a daily basis. How is that possible? Various studies show that we lose things every day. That can be the smallest things, like hair ties or small cash. But also your mobile phone or your iPad. Nothing is more annoying than losing stuff regularly.

infographic lost and found what we lost most often

How often do we lose something?

Our research shows that most people lose things on a regular basis. For example, 23% indicate that they lose something monthly, 14% weekly and 17% even daily!

There are many ways to return an item. Interestingly, only one answer guarantees that the item will actually be returned to its owner. Often the object ends up at a counter or the police, where it is never picked up by the owner…

With many of the options to return an item, the question remains: will the owner get his lost item back? Many respondents did not know the answer to this question. Only 10% said they were sure the owner had the lost item back. 55% were not sure.

Do you find your lost item back once it’s lost?

It is inevitable that you have also lost something. And… did you find your lost item again? Was it easy for the finder to contact you?

Most people lose their item forever! 78% indicate that they have never found the object again. 10% are not sure and only 12% say they are!

Why do we lose everything?

Do you regularly lose stuff? This can have several causes. For example because you are too busy, distracted or tired. But… losing is also a sign of intelligence.

5 tips to stop losing your valuables!

1. Organize

We all lose the same stuff. How did that happen? Because they are things that we carry with us all day long. So try to organize your things a bit more. For example, choose a permanent place in your bag for your wallet and store your keys in a closed compartment with a zipper when you no longer need them for the rest of the day.

2. Leave your valuables at home when you don’t need them

Are you used to taking your wallet, phone, passport and keys with you everywhere? As long as you don’t need it, leave it at home!

3. Make use of QR tags

I can hear you thinking: ‘QR tags?’. Yes, of course. QR tags are smart tags that you can attach to all your valuables. For example, attach a QR key ring to your car key and a QR luggage tag to your backpack. Once your item is lost, the finder can contact you easily and anonymously via the QR code or NFC tag. Order here or via the buttons below.

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