Up to 9 times more likely to find all your valuable lost items.

How does it work?
Our mission

Let’s help honest finders

QRing builds trust. QRing helps the honest finder to contact the owner quickly, easily and anonymously. Because of this, the chance is up to 9 times greater that a lost item will return to the owner!

What’s the problem?

The process between losing and finding is not working.

One million people are looking for a lost item every day. Only 7% of those lost items find their way back to the owner. Think of house keys, telephones, bags and cards, but also pets and even little kids.

So what’s the problem? In 84% of those cases, the finder is willing to return the lost item to its owner. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get in touch with the owner.

Until now!

Have you lost an item? As soon as someone finds your item, you will receive a notification. You also get a location estimate of where your item is found the moment it is scanned. The finder can easily contact you by sending a message or making a call. You will then be called by your ‘lost item’. How great is that! Want to know more? Take a look at our “how it works” page.

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At any given time, there are more than 600 million lost items worldwide.
84% of finders want to return the lost item to its owner but don’t know how. In more than 90% cases, an item is therefore not returned to the owner.
With QRing we solve that problem. We ensure up to 9x more chance to get your lost item back.

How does it work?

How do I get my lost item back?

QRing is easy to use and completely free. Download the app, create an account and add your items. It’s that simple!

Your lost item has been found

You will receive a notification from the QRing app as soon as someone has scanned the QRing tag of your lost item.

You will be called by your lost item

The honest finder has scanned the QRing QR tag and will call you anonymously. You will receive a call from you lost item.

called by backpack
You have your lost item back!

Together with the honest finder you agree on how the lost item will be returned to you. This will all take place anonymously!

Item teruggebracht bij eigenaar QRing

How does it work for the finder?

The finder does not need the QRing app. Only a smartphone.

Finder scans QRing QR tag

The finder scans the QR code or NFC tag with their phone. They don’t need the QRing app.

Scan QR-code QRing verloren voorwerp
Finder contacts owner

The finder contacts the owner anonymously by sending a message or making a call.

called by backpack
Lost item back to its owner

The owner and finder agree on how and where the lost item will be returned to the owner.

Item teruggebracht bij eigenaar QRing

This is what our users say

Easy and convenient.


Great invention for my forgetfulness. I already got my keys back 3 times and my bag once with qring. The last time was in Spain! Great!


You will not use it on a daily basis but if you need it, it’s great!

I have the stickers for a few months now and they all work flawlessly. The stickers did wear out, but qring immediately sent new ones. Nice service!


Nice and affordable solution for keys, bags and even my notebook
I have been using qring for a few weeks now. Love the app and especially the fact that when I received a call about my keys that “keys” called me…. I’ll definitely pick it 😊


Would recommend to anyone. Love the “enabling the honest finder” idea
So often you find something and cant return it without a lot of hassle. Qring solves this I think
Get in!


Great app & easy to use. Had my backpack returned by a friendly finder within 1 hour after I left it on the tube!



Try now for free. Anonymous. Works everywhere!


Everyday millions of car and house keys get lost.

Only a small percent of lost car and house keys are returned. In addition, the costs of producing new car and/or house keys are often significant.

For privacy reasons people don’t like to have any personal information on their keys. Hence the finder can often not return them to the owner. Not anymore! With QRing you will be able to secure your lost keys and have the finder return them with a few clicks on their phone!

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Only 7% of the lost electronic items make their way back to the owner.

Ever lost your phone, tablet or laptop? Annoying at least. And costly!

The personal information of the owner of a lost electronic item is often difficult to trace. Until now. With QRing you will be able to secure your lost phone, laptop or any other electronic item and have the finder return them with a few clicks on their phone.

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Personal documents and cards

Personal documents and cards are the most common lost items.

The stress when losing your ID card, passport, OV card or bank/credit card is huge. Most of these never make it back to the owner. Most owners think it’s just easier to block the card then to go look for it, and rightly so.

With a QRing QR sticker you will be able to secure your cards and documents. If they get lost, the finder can return them with a few clicks on their phone.

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Bags and travelling

Every year, 100’s of millions of suitcases and other luggage items are never found.

Losing your bag, suitcase or other luggage items is extremely annoying. Moreover, such a loss can easily cost hundreds of euros.

Not anymore! With a QRing QR tag you are able to secure your bags and suitcases and have the finder return them to you anonymously with a few clicks on their phone.

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Sports equipment rarely gets back to the owner.

Did you ever lose your sports bag, tennis racket or hockeystick? There’s a big chance you will never find it again. Simply because the finder cannot contact jou.

With QRing you will be able to secure your bags, ski’s, wakeboards, hockey sticks and other sports equipment. The finder can easily return it with a few clicks on the phone.

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Every day 100,000’s dearly beloved pets lose their way. Of these over 25% never make it back to their loving bosses.

Pets. We all love them. But how do you ensure that your pet finds its way home if it is lost?

Use a QRing QR tag to secure your pets. In a few steps you are in contact with the finder and you are reunited with your pet.

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Every year thousands of children slip away from their parents attention in an unguarded moment.

Every parent knows the feeling: you look away for a moment and your child is gone. With QRing you will quickly be notified when they are lost or worse hurt in an accident.

Simply add a QR tag to your child’s backpack or equip them with a QRing QR key ring. Whomever finds them, can get in touch with you quickly and effectively.

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