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Get in touch with the finder of your lost item easily and anonymously

Your personal QRing QR tag with NFC! Always available for the finder. The honest finder can return it to you in no-time!

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At any given time, there are more than 600 million lost items worldwide.
84% of finders want to return the lost item to its owner but don’t know how. In more than 90% cases, an item is therefore not returned to the owner.
With QRing we solve that problem. We ensure up to 9x more chance to get your lost item back.

Our mission

Let’s help honest finders

Lost something? We got you. Thanks to QRing, the honest finder has a quick, easy and anonymous way to contact you. By doing so, the chance is up to 9 times greater that a lost item will return to the owner!

What’s the problem?

The process between losing and finding is not working. One million people are looking for a lost item every day. Only 7% of those lost items find their way back to the owner. In 84% of those cases, the finder is willing to return the lost item to its owner. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get in touch with the owner. Until now!

With QRing:

  • You’ll receive a notification a soon as someone finds your item
  • You get a location estimate of where your item is found the moment it is scanned
  • The finder can easily contact you
  • You will be called by your lost item

Delivered within 24 hours

Free shipping from €10,-

Free app available in the Appstore or Playstore

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Everyday millions of car and house keys get lost.

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Only 7% of the lost electronic items make their way back to the owner.

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Personal documents and cards

Personal documents and cards are the most common lost items.

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Bags and travelling

Every year, 100’s of millions of suitcases and other luggage items are never found.

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Sports equipment rarely gets back to the owner.

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Every day 100,000’s dearly beloved pets lose their way. Of these over 25% never make it back to their loving bosses.

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