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QRing has been developed to get the finder of a lost item in touch with the owner in a very easy, cost-effective and accessible way. Join the honest finder community and help us build a more trusting world. Download QRing now for free. 

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us at

Why can I call via network and via internet?2022-11-15T15:30:00+00:00

QRing offers multiple communication options. We do this so that the finder can contact the owner anytime, anywhere. If there is no internet connection, the finder can call via the network. If there is no network connection, the finder can make calls via Wi-Fi.

When I call through the network there is a strange number. How is that possible?2022-11-15T15:25:19+00:00

QRing does not share phone numbers. In order to still make a telephone connection, all data must be encrypted. We use a public network, so we show an encrypted number.

Why is the page loading slowly after I scan a tag?2022-11-15T15:22:16+00:00

It may take a while for the page to load completely. That has to do with the network. After a few seconds the page is loaded and all buttons and texts are available.

I have an AirTag. Why should I buy a QRing tag?2022-11-15T15:18:51+00:00

An AirTag only provides insight into the location of your item. That can of course be very useful. For example, if you go on vacation and you see that your suitcase is also in the aircraft hold. However, it does not offer the honest finder any possibility to actually return the item. Because there is no contact information. QRing brings the finder and owner into contact. Completely anonymous. In addition, QRing tags are available in stickers, key chains and tags, making the product suitable for almost all objects.

How do I add myself as a contactperson?2022-09-21T14:26:18+00:00

Each item in the QRing app is automatically linked to the number of the device on which the app is located. In addition to yourself, you can also add other contacts, such as family members, friends and colleagues.

How do I put my profile in another language?2022-09-21T14:17:36+00:00

QRing is available in 6 different languages: Italian, German, Spanish, French, English and Dutch. The language of the app is the same as the language of your mobile phone. The same goes for the finder. The landing page that the finder lands on is in the language of the device with which the tag was scanned.

What stickers can be used for mobile phones?2022-09-21T14:10:42+00:00

The stickers without NFC chip are suitable for phones. When you stick a sticker with NFC on your phone, your phone will continue to scan the chip and think that something is nearby. The stickers without NFC are expected to be available in week 40.

How to open de metal strap?2022-09-21T14:07:18+00:00

The metal strap works like a screw. See this instruction video for more details.

How do I delete messages and/or calls in the QRing app?2022-09-21T13:59:21+00:00

At the moment it is not yet possible to delete messages and/or calls. We are working on this and expect to release it in the next update.

Will my location be shared if I scan a QRing tag?2022-09-21T13:57:13+00:00

After scanning a QRing tag, the finder is asked to share GPS location when he/she has scanned the QR code or NFC chip. The finder can indicate whether his/her location is shared with the owner.

What kind of items can be secured with QRing?2021-04-07T15:15:04+00:00

The most diverse items from suitcases to smartphones. Even your cat, dog or child can wear a QRing QR-tag.

Are the QRing stickers waterproof?2021-04-07T15:15:29+00:00

The stickers are all waterproof. For round and uneven surfaces or for intensive outdoor use, we recommend the normal QRing stickers (without NFC).

How long do QRing stickers and tags last?2021-04-07T15:15:53+00:00

The stickers will last at least 6 years.

Do I have a warranty on QRing?2021-04-07T15:16:21+00:00

In the unlikely event that your sticker or tag is damaged, you can either generate and print a new QR code yourself or order a new one in the shop.

How confident is it that I will get my item back?2021-04-07T15:16:50+00:00

Our experience is that you are up to 9 times more likely to get your item back with QRing. We are of course working hard to get this even higher. We only stop at 100%!

What do you do with my data and information?2021-04-07T15:17:18+00:00

Your data and information are safe with QRing. We do not share information with third parties.

How does QRing work for a finder?2021-04-07T15:17:43+00:00

By scanning the QR code of the lost item with your smartphone, you can directly call or text the owner and make an appointment to return the lost item. Thank you for your honesty!

Do I have to share my location?2021-04-07T15:18:12+00:00

When you have scanned a QRing QR code you will be asked if you want to share your location. This will let the owner know where their item was found.

Nice! How do I get Qring?2021-04-07T15:18:40+00:00

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions. Follow the in-app instructions and you are ready to go. Welcome to the QRing community!

How does QRing work for an owner?2021-04-07T15:19:06+00:00

Once you have downloaded the app and followed the in-app instructions in the app, you are ready to go. Add your items and activate them with a QRing sticker or tag or by creating one yourself in the app. Stick or attach the QR code to your item and you are in control of any potential loss.

If you lose your item and the finder scans it, you will be called anonymously. The incoming phone call will be displayed as the name of you item (i.e. “car keys”). That way you always know your item has been found. You then make an appointment with the honest finder to get your item back!

What information will the person who scans my QR code see about me?2021-04-07T15:19:31+00:00

Privacy is one of the important cornerstones of the QRing concept. We do not share your personal information. You will be called via an encrypted connection. Only when you have answered or responded to a message, your number or e-mail will be shared with the finder.

What does QRing do against hackers?2021-04-22T11:16:22+00:00

QRing regularly conducts hack tests to protect our data. In addition, we use the highest certified data centers.

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