Capi x QRing: QRing at more than 30 international airports from March ’22

The QRing travel tags are a must-have for every traveler. The tags will therefore soon be available at all Capi airport stores. We spoke to Kim van den Hoogen, Sr. Category Manager at Royal Capi-Lux, about the collaboration.

Importance of privacy

“At Capi, we like to offer qualitative good products to our customers. We like to sell products and brands that match our mission and vision. QRing is easy to use and fully anonymous. That ties in with what we do at Capi.”

“Privacy is very important to us. Both the finder and the owner can choose to remain anonymous throughout the process. The fact that you do not see the name or telephone number of the caller, but the name of your tag, is a good example of this.”

Professional appearance and safe feeling

“It is very important to us that a product has a good appearance, because the customer will attach it to a valuable and personal item. At Capi, trust in products is also very important. Especially for a product like QRing. As a consumer, you relinquish the confidence that you will find something by attaching a QR tag. QRing’s professional image gives a sense of security.”

Room to tweak

“It’s great that we have a lot of control over the appearance of the product and that there was enough room to tweak. This way we were able to complete the product, packaging and display entirely to our own taste.”

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