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QRing creates impact

Only 7% of all lost items find their way back to the owner. At Qring, that return percentage is up to 9 times higher. That means 9 times less frustration, 9 times less time wasted and 9 times less likely to spend money on replacements… How many customers, or employees do you know who want to take advantage of this?

QRing is:

  • A brand supporting item with a positive message
  • A sympathetic gift
  • A way to strengthen your value proposition and differentiate your brand
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Het grootste tech event ter wereld

QRing at the Web Summit

In November this year we exhibited at the Web Summit as one of the impact startups! Together with 70,000+ other professionals from 160 countries we were present at the largest tech event in the world.

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Save money

Save up to €450,- per year

We all lose something sometimes. Chances are you’ll never find it again after that. As a result, we spend between €225 and €450 per year on replacing lost items. Thanks to QRing, all this can be prevented.


Sustainable QRing tags

Our tags are available in all shapes and sizes. Do you prefer sustainable QRing tags? Choose our sustainable bamboo tags or full metal tags. Just the way you want it.

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Help build confidence and reduce the mountain of lost items!

COLLAB: Royal Capi-Lux x QRing

QRing at 30 (inter)national Royal Capi-Lux airport shops

“It is very important to us that a product has a good appearance because the customer will attach it to a valuable and personal item. At Capi, trust in products is also very important. Especially for a product like QRing. As a consumer, you relinquish the confidence that you will find something by attaching a QR tag. QRing’s professional image gives a sense of security.’

capi logoKim van den Hoogen, Royal Capi-Lux
QRing @ capi

Your relations will thank you.

Only 7% of all lost items will find their way back to the owner.
With QRing, the chance is nine times higher that a lost item will be returned to its owner.
That’s because 93% of the finders prefer a direct call with the owner. With QRing we ensure a direct anonymous telephone connection.


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