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Finally a promotional gift that your customers really want to use. After all, nothing is more annoying than losing valuable items. With a QRing keychain, sticker or tag, they no longer have to worry about it.

QRing creates impact.

600 million items are lost every moment of the day. Only 7% of these find their way back to the owner. At Qring, the return percentage is up to 9 times higher … what does that mean? 9 times less frustration, 9 times less time wasted and 9 times less likely to spend money on replacements … How many customers, employees or family members do you have who would like to take advantage of this?

All QRing QR tags and labels are linked to our advanced system. Did someone find a lost item? The owner will receive a notification from the QRing app as soon as their QRing tag is scanned. Then the finder can call the owner directly! Completely anonymous and worldwide coverage.

Your users will thank you.

Only 7% of all lost items will find their way back to the owner.
With QRing, the chance is nine times higher that a lost item will be returned to its owner.
That’s because 93% of the finders prefer a direct call with the owner. With QRing we ensure a direct anonymous telephone connection.


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QRing has a wide range of stickers, tags and key rings with and without NFC tag. Do you want to create more visibility for your brand? Choose personalization. 

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